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B2B LED lighting for public aquariumsEfficient and individual for large aquariums and terrariums.

Welcome to lightforbigtanks: your partner for professional LED lighting for large aquariums in zoos, research facilities, breeding facilities and other institutions. 
We are Orphek distribution partner since 2013. In addition, we also carry selected lights from other manufacturers and manufacture lights individually tailored to your project. In this way, we ensure that you will find with us the custom-fit Led lighting for your aquarium or terrarium. More about our special solutions.

Why LED lighting from lightsforbigtanks? 

Did you know that we rent test lights? That you always have a personal contact person with us? Plus warranty and legal security due to our location in Germany? In addition, we offer fast and individual service, after-sales support and, if desired, local on-site support at your premises.

With over 40 years of experience in industrial plant engineering and 15 years of experience in aquarium lighting, we provide the optimal light for your animals and plants, for visitors and the controlling department.

  • Individual LED lighting solutions

    Our individual solutions are proven, tested over many years and perfectly adapted to your application. They all meet at least IP65 standard and furthermore generate almost no waste heat due to LED technology. more info

  • For aquarium inhabitants and visitors

    With many years of experience we provide the right light for your aquarium. Problems such as too much waste heat, sickly animals or undesirable, strong algae growth are now a thing of the past.

  • For the eye and controlling

    Our solutions are not only nice to look at, they are also good for your wallet. Your controlling department will thank you, because our LED lighting scores with maximum energy efficiency and very low operating and maintenance costs.

  • LED lighting meets the latest guidelines

    New directives on the efficiency of light sources are causing ever greater procurement problems. Here, LED lighting offers the way out: they are highly efficient and meet all requirements. What's more, the investment pays for itself in a very short time. Our customers are subsequently pleased not only with the upgraded appearance and the animal- and plant-friendly lighting, but also with the large savings potential.