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Professional LED lighting for large aquariumsB2B LED lighting for marine and freshwater aquariums

With lightsforbigtanks you rely on over 40 years of experience in plant engineering plus 15 years of experience in LED lighting for aquariums. We have been an Orphek partner since 2013 and always offer you the optimal LED lighting for aquariums and terrariums, tailored to your application.

At a glance:

The advantages of our lighting solutions

  • High savings potential due to maximum energy efficiency

  • Almost no waste heat - ideal for plants and animals.

  • Tried and tested over many years

  • IP65 standard for adverse operating conditions

  • Passive cooling for high operational reliability and low maintenance requirements

  • Maximum customization possibilities

  • Optimal spectrum for your animals and plants

We put everything in the right light

You won't just find a prefabricated LED range, we also offer customization of almost all LED systems. Thanks to Orphek's modular system, we can usually realize your desired LED lighting. If not, we have alternatives ready for you.

With decades of experience and our in-house workshop for mechanics, measurement and control technology, we know exactly what matters.

Special luminaires for special requirements

Different inhabitants of aquariums and terrariums have different requirements for their living space. We offer special solutions for all spatial peculiarities and special needs. We can individualize, adapt or completely redevelop all installations and lighting systems for you. 

Sea as light - This is always included with us: 


  • A personal contact person with experience and expertise.
  • Want to try it out first? We also lend out test lights.
  • Individual services
  • Our own specialist workshop
  • Fast response times
  • On site service on request


  • Legal security due to location in Germany
  • Operational safety, we only stock EU-compliant luminaires and systems
  • Planning and investment security through proven, long-lasting technology, easy maintenance and repair, and our comprehensive after-sales service.