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Large aquarium LED lightingCustomized solutions especially for large installations

The Amazon series from Orphek

  • Indoor and outdoor use

  • IP65 splash-proof

  • Different spectra for seawater and freshwater

  • Rugged aluminum housing, waterproof connectors, weatherproof surface treatment

  • Easy parts replacement for easy maintenance.

    Easy installation: connector and adjustable, rotating metal bracket, extremely stable. Installation possible on ceiling, walls, etc.

  • Highest efficiency due to optimal current flow to the Leds and Meanwell power supplies with highest efficiency.

AMAZONAS 80 LED Lighting

Amazonas 80
Amazonas 80

The Orphek Amazonas 80 LED light is the smallest model in the Amazonas series, but is just as individual as the larger models in the series.

The fixture is ideal for spot lighting of prominent points in the aqaurium or for blending certain spectral components into a larger lighting scheme. Another possible application is the illumination of shallow aquariums for coral breeding or quarantine tanks.

AMAZONAS 320/960 LED illumination

Amazonas 320
Amazonas 320

ORPHEK Aquarium LED with 320 Watt

The Amazonas 320/960 iCon Aquarium LED is among the most versatile and advanced LED lighting solutions currently available. By bundling 4x80 watt led into one fixture, the fixture can be customized to the maximum and is ideal for almost any application.

AMAZONAS 500 LED Lighting

Amazonas 500
Amazonas 500

ORPHEK Aquarium LED for depths up to 30 meters

The Amazonas 500 Aquarium LED is perfect for lighting extremely large or deep areas of up to 30 meters and a brightness of up to 72,000 lumens.
The Amazonas 500 is always used when the focus is on high PAR values and high brightness at greater depths.

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Aquarium LED Lighting: 

Individual solutions for large aquariums

We would be happy to show you alternatives to the Orphek lights or manufacture customized, individual LED solutions for your requirements. 

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